Sage Bistro

The village of Bistritsa (also Bistritza, Bistrica, or Бистрица in Bulgarian) is now considered a remote district of the capital city Sofia. In recent years a lot of Sofia citizens have settled there to commute daily – they’d rather travel to work twice a day, but enjoy Bistritsa’s fresh air and beautiful nature up in the mountain. Bistritsa is just 10km away from the city.

Our favorite Sage Bistro is located at the very center of the village. However, one cannot spot it straightaway. The small, fancy restaurant is situated on the 2nd floor of a commercial and residential building, and guests should enter a small doorway and take the stairs to it. At our first visit we had to call to the staff for additional details on where we should head to.

Once at Sage, you will find a quiet, casual, yet stylish ambiance. The décor is unpretentiously elegant and one could easily feel at home. This is what guests love about Sage Bistro – you can go there for a relaxing dinner with friends after work, or have a special, more formal celebration – the restaurant would suit and cater for both occasions.

The food they serve is simply excellent – made of high-quality, seasonal ingredients, and a fine selection of wine. We really loved water’s recommendation on their own-branded wine. Needless to say, the level of service has always been outstanding.

Customers may choose between traditional Bulgarian dishes (such as ‘sarmi’, ‘banitsa’, or ‘shopska salad’, sometimes not on the menu list), and Italian cuisine, such as ‘burata’, home-made pasta, canoli, etc. Always ask your waiter what they have in addition to the regular menu. Depending on the season, you might enjoy mussels, rare fish, or game meat.

Vegetarians are also made to feel welcome – there is an impressive section of salads to choose from. We have tried them all and they are all just great. Pictures below.

Undoubtedly, Sage Bistro is one of the best culinary experience we have ever had. While the name suggests that the food, served in the bistro, is expected to be simple, it is always creative, with a signature touch added by the chefs. The place is managed by two brothers – Nikolay and Ivo Dimitrovi, who have years of culinary experience, gathered both in Bulgaria and abroad, including several years, spent in the faraway Canada.

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Written by Marcie

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