Although it may seem pointless to categorize chefs as male or female, the truth is that men dominate the restaurant world and there aren’t many women in the spotlight.

However, the name of Sidonya Radeva, Executive Chef of the newly opened ‘101 Bar & Dinner’, is well known in the industry. She became popular back in 2011, when she won the first ever culinary reality TV show in Bulgaria – ‘Lord of the Chefs’.  There she competed with 15 talented young chefs. Sidonya managed to impress the jury, represented by three of the best Bulgarian food experts: Boris Petrov – undoubtedly the top-ranked chef in the country, famous for its innovative approach to traditional Bulgarian and European cuisines; Ivaylo Petkov – current Head of Euro-Toques Bulgaria; and the top pastry specialist Radi Stambolov.

‘101 Bar & Dinner’ opened in 2018 and is located in a quiet and green neighborhood in Sofia’s Dianabad neighbourhood. The new place combines space, elegance and comfort, including an ample, separate smoking area, and a very beautiful garden for summer months.

‘101 Ber & Dinner’ serves European dishes, made of natural, premium-quality, local ingredients. Chef Sidonya believes that their guests expect to find their favorite taste from childhood and at the same time enjoy a completely new gastronomic experience. Such as the popular biscuit cake everyone remembers from childhood years, however this time fancily presented in a glass 🙂

Biscuit cake is a very popular dessert in Bulgaria. You can try it everywhere, in all possible shapes and varieties. Here, at ‘101 Bar & Dinner’ we’ve had one of the best chocolate biscuit cakes ever. Despite the innovative presentation, it tasted home-like, meltingly good.

Chef Sidonya’s dishes incorporate traditional Bulgarian elements – they are simple, but vividly flavored and unfailingly delicious.

“Culinary profession constantly evolves and changes rapidly, following our clients’ expectations to be served their favorite childhood taste, however in a new way … they want to be surprised and enchanted. Using the same products, one can create completely different meals”, she says.

We started with a fresh salad of organic, mature cheese of Cherni Vit region and a variation of Caesar’s salad with bacon chips. Continued with lamb and cabbage stew – a traditional recipe, and roasted pork carre with apple and potatoes. We have also tried the steak tartare and the truffle cheese pasta – absolutely recommend.

If you happen to be there in the autumn months, don’t miss the pumpkin cheese cake – an out-of-this world, absolute delight even if you (thought) you are not into pumpkins. And the mini éclairs filled with rich crème and abundantly topped with home-made chocolate did take us back to our childhood years.

If you want to dine out in style on your preferred dishes from childhood, check out the ‘101 Bar & Dinner’ and enjoy a top culinary experience. Try the garden if the weather allows – it feels like a green oasis after the busy day the city.

The bar and dinner is set in the iconic area of ‘Diana’ swimming pool in Sofia.

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Written by Marcie

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